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Supported Independent Living For People With Disabilities in NSW - Nobility Care Australia

Supported Independent Living (SIL) aims to help or supervise with daily tasks to help you live as independently as possible while building your skills.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a term that refers to a person’s ability to live independently but still require support from other people. Many people with disabilities or chronic illnesses need this kind of support to live the life they want. Besides, there are many other reasons why someone may need this kind of support, such as needing help with daily tasks like cooking and cleaning or having difficulty going out and meeting new people.

Are you looking for reliable SIL providers in NSW? If so, you should turn to Nobility Care Australia. At our disability support centre, you’ll find a wide range of services and care, including help with feeding, medication administration and eating. Whether you need a little or a lot of help, our professional staff is here for all your SIL independent living needs.

Nobility Care Australia provide around-the-clock, 24-hour day-to-day support and services with our supported independent living (SIL) program.

We aim to provide participants with the highest quality services and support possible. With our highly skilled team, we create a Person-Centred Support environment where individuals learn to thrive in their daily life by learning new skills, meeting new people and build confidence to live as independently as possible.

Our Supported Independent Living Services at NCA!

Here are some of the things you can look forward to when you sign up with us for supported independent living in NSW -

  • You can live independently and maintain your own activities.
  • You have more control over your life and can make decisions without needing help from a third party.
  • You can spend more time with yourself and with your family.
  • You are able to live in a community that supports them in their journey towards independence.
  • You have more opportunities to get involved in meaningful work that you enjoy doing, which also helps you develop skills that will help them find employment later on down the line.

Our services and supports include promoting participation in household and community activities, assisting in managing money and household budgets, as well as managing household tasks such as preparing food, cleaning, etc.

Our SIL program includes (but is not limited to) providing support such as:

Personal care, i.e., showering and dressing

Household tasks, i.e., shopping, preparing meals, and cleaning

Medical needs

Transportation i.e., travelling to and attending appointments and more

Behaviour and social skills

Clinical support, i.e., administrating medication

Medication management

Medication management is important because it helps people with disabilities to be able to take their medication on time and in a safe and effective way. It also helps to prevent adverse effects from occurring too often. And what do we mean by that? Well, our SIL providers can help to improve patients’ quality of life by reducing the number of falls and hospitalisations that occur due to adverse effects from medications.

So, what do we offer here at Nobility Care Australia when people sign up for our SIL independent living services? We have all of their explanations below.

Our supported accommodation living properties are well equipped with all essential amenities, features, and facilities.

We also provide the option of minor home modifications if it is required, as per individual needs. All NCA properties are located near local bus stands, train stations and shopping centres for participants’ convenience.

Contact us now and book an appointment with one of our friendly customer care specialists to check for vacancies!

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is currently serviced in the following areas. Click one below to find out more.

For more information, please check NDIS website for Supported independent living (SIL).

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