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Community Nursing Care

Community Nursing Care Services in NSW - Nobility Care Australia Helps People with Disabilities Live A Dignified Life

The goal of community nursing care for people with disabilities is to provide quality health services to those who cannot access them otherwise. The goal also includes providing support and education on how to take better care of themselves or their loved ones. To provide this type of care, nurses must have knowledge about various types of disabilities and be able to identify patterns in patient needs. They must also live near the patient’s home so they can visit them regularly and help them maintain their independence as much as possible while they are living in their homes.

So, are you looking for reliable community nursing care services in the NSW region? If so, you should come to Nobility Care Australia. At our disability support centre, we provide support and care for people with a range of disabilities. We can offer you comprehensive rehabilitation and respite through our range of community nursing services, so you know your loved one is in the best hands possible. Whether you need care for a single person or a whole family, our community nursing service will provide the support you need. Please contact us to learn more about how we can provide comprehensive care for your loved one.

Nobility Care Australia provide Community Nursing care to address the Participants’ unique health needs. Treatment is given to participants who have complex individual support needs, that are best served by someone with medical expertise and experience.

Community nursing care is considered when a participant requires special support, such as:

Visiting nurse and general nursing assessment

Behaviour support needs

Assistance with medical needs and procedures

Development of care plans

Continence advice and management

Care after a hospital stay

Diabetes management

Medication administration/supervision

Monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and blood sugar levels

Education for clients and their families

Mobility and transfer assistance

General well-being check

Post-operative care to rehabilitation

Support attending appointments

Personal care assistance

Overnight nursing care

24-hour nursing care and more

Our Nurses - Helping Everyone Live A Dignified Life

Community nursing care services are important to health care because they offer holistic, individualised support for people with disabilities. Some people may need help with daily living activities such as cooking, cleaning, and managing money. Others may need help with long-term issues like planning for their future or navigating the social services system. These needs can be addressed by community nurses who provide education and support to help people live independently in their communities.

Our Nursing Care Department is highly professional, experienced, and diverse and its mission is to provide personalised support to all participants. Our Nursing Care Team is led by our highly professional in-house Registered Nurse. She brings a wide variety of expertise, having worked across many different specialties of Nursing over the last decade, she is certainly a highly experienced and valuable member of our team!

Nobility Care Australia is an NDIS-registered support centre

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-funded scheme that covers the cost of disability services and support for people with disabilities and their carers. It was introduced in Australia back in 2013 and was designed to improve access to support, increase independence, and reduce social isolation for people with disabilities, their carers, families and communities.

So, are you wondering whether we’re an NDIS-registered entity or not? Yes, Nobility Care Australia is a registered NDIS community nursing care services provider in the NSW region. Thanks to this, you and your family can avail of our services without any financial barriers! Visit our centre and learn about our NDIS service, or contact us to learn more.

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