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12 October 2021     Announcements

12 October 2021     Announcements

COVID-19 pandemic in NSW has disrupted our ability to move around and gather at different times. It has meant a significant change in the way we live and how we engage with each other.

Latest Guidelines (updated on 12 OCT 2021)

From Monday 11 October, day programs can recommence

Focus is that all those attending the day program, including staff, should be fully vaccinated. This advice has been provided by NSW Government is in line with the Reopening NSW roadmap which only permits vaccinated people to participate in the easing of restrictions.

At this point, some activities may not be possible for unvaccinated staff and clients attending day programs.

It has been advised by NSW Health that as a service provider to keep the continuity of support, we must continue to provide flexible options to the participant who is not fully vaccinated by including them in services such as online service delivery, individual activities and avoid group interactions unless the participants are from the same household.

We are complying with NSW Health and following their guidelines such as:
  • We are keeping maximum 10 participants (not including staff) to participate in an indoor setting.
  • We are following 4 square metre rule.
  • Masks are mandatory for participants (if feasible) and staff in all indoor settings.
  • 30 participants, including staff are permitted to join activities in the outdoor settings. No Masks are required in outdoor settings.

Getting ready for vaccination?

We are here to help you if you require any assistance with your vaccination by providing you the information made it available by NSW Health.

Did you know:

Participants aged 16 years and over and carers aged 16 years and over of NDIS participants of any age are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

We are waiting for NSW Health for further update on the rules for carers, participants and for us to continue our services and support compliance with NSW health Government guidelines.

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